Sunday, March 28, 2010

River House Party

This weekend we went down to the river house to finish up some projects and to celebrate Carrie turning the big 29! Friday night Casey and I went and completed the sheet rock, texture, and painting. Thank the good Lord I don't do that for a living. Its hard work. Saturday morning Karen, Roger, Randi, Corey, Carrie, Carson, and Colton joined us and helped finish the work.

The kids played outside and watched the crabs in the water off the pier. The grown ups took a boat ride, which thanks to Casey and his "short cuts" we got stuck in the mud. Next thing you know we found ourselves outside the boat, pushing. Weird thing is I've done this before. Sun was shinning and we got out so no harm.

Sunday morning the gang showed up for a little party! Wind was pretty strong but a least it was warm. So glad we have a nice place to have fun for all. Can't wait to have many more wonderful days at the river.

Cousins come to play!

Thursday night Carson, ans Colton came over to play with Randi while Carrie and Corey enjoyed a night to themselves. We had a blast! Carson and Randi get along so well now and baby Colton is so snugly. A little different having 3, but so fun!
Isn't it funny how little girls are so nurturing.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some Random Photos

Well i finally did it! I was inspired by many of the recent friend and family blogs i keep updated on. I think I was afraid to get into the "blog world" but i decide it might not be that bad! Ha ha.
I found a background I loved and with a few instructions i was on my way. I am going to post some random photos that i have had and then I will try to keep updated. Thank you to Casey for getting me started.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Randi Leigh's new blog

This blog is intended to keep you informed on the wonderful life of Randi Leigh.